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Few Tips To Boost Spotify Streams Fast

Here are some of the best tips you will ever get to boost Spotify streams. Now that Spotify is becoming one of the best ways to present new music, artists are eager to find ways to get their music on the platform and see results quickly. Here we’re looking at a few different ways to get your music through Spotify streams into the ears of potential fans.

Fan push

 Ask your fans, friends, and family to add your song right at the beginning to their private playlists. Do a contest and motivate your song to playlist. Even the smallest playlist counts.

Pitching with your distributor

Ask your distributor to place your song on your country’s “New Music Friday” playlist. Do some research as well and find out in which other (bigger) playlist your song would fit as well as tell the distributor.

 Make sure that Spotify from your home territory hosts those playlists.

Share every playlist 

Share each playlist added to your song and tag the curator to show your appreciation and promotion. Building a strong relationship with the playlist curator is a critical step. If you connect on a reasonable level, it’s a win-win situation as its primary goal is to have a successful playlist promoted, and yours will be part of that list.

Pitch “Non-Spotify” Playlists

To pitch your song, find three private playlists that fit your music and then find out the curators ‘ contacts via social media. Offer to share your playlist and promote it when you add your track. Build a relationship slowly but don’t be too pushy. Every day they receive too many requests. After your track was included and you received some excellent promotional results Charts, Massive Video Plays, …), it’s okay to tell them so they can give you more playlists or Upgrade your track.

Create an all-around playlist

This is a compilation of the most recent of all your music. Once this is in place, make sure you share it with your followers and friends regularly. This list should be updated as often as possible.

Share your progress

Spotify Streams

This is one of the most important tip to boost Spotify streams. Should you be lucky enough to have curators or Spotify editors featured in one of the most popular playlists, share the progress with your followers! You can follow up with this by posting a sponsored social media post to reach more people. Ultimately, the results may shock you.

Blog about it

If you’re a blog writer or you know one, talking about your song, the inspiration behind it, and any plans you have would be good if you made a social media post. Then you can share this with your followers on your social media platforms. You can also ask your followers to share with their followers.

Final thoughts

Remember, you need to put in some groundwork if you want to increase your Spotify plays. This means you need to do some homework and invest where necessary. Keep in mind that whenever your music is featured in the playlists of Spotify, your audience is growing and your motivation is there. Maintain updated on the list follow

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